Commuter Benefit Program Overview

Commuting to work each day can be expensive. The commuter benefit program will help you to save money on your commuting costs. Your employer has selected Commuter Check Direct (CCD) as your premium commuter benefit program. CCD will provide you with simple online ordering of commuter benefit products for use with public transit, commute related parking, and convenient home delivery of these products.

How Does the Program Work?

Using the Commuter Check Direct website (see Registration is Easy below), you will create an account and place orders for transit and/or parking products. Commuter Check will send your employer information about your selections and instruct them to make the proper pre-tax deductions from your paycheck.

Commuter Check Direct will send your order to the address you entered when registering your account by the 25th of the month for use in the following month. (Example: you will receive February orders no later than January 25th)

Ordering Vouchers, Smart Cards, Passes or Fare Media

Commuter Check Direct is a national service. Once you have created your new account, just mouse over “Place an Order” then select Transit or Parking. The system auto populates transit authorities in your area based on your zip code provided. Commuter Check Direct will display the transportation providers in that area; select the provider you normally use to commute to work each day. If you need more than one provider, such as a bus for one part of your commute and the train for another, you will be able to add additional products to your shopping cart.  Available products include:

·       Passes and Fare Media: Various transit passes, tickets, or fare cards offered by participating transit authorities across the nation

·       Commuter Check Vouchers: The most flexible way to pay for transit expenses. Commuter Checks can be used to purchase transit passes, tickets, cards, or other fare media for the transit authority of your choice.

·       Smart Cards: Electronic reloadable cards that can be used to pay for commuting expenses at participating transit authorities

·       The Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard®: A re-loadable prepaid commuter benefit card that is accepted at transit agencies or designated transit retail centers where only transit passes, tickets, and fare cards are sold.

Ordering Parking

There are several parking options available to meet your individual needs:

·       Monthly Direct Pay: Allows you to enter your parking provider and other information about your existing monthly parking arrangement; we will then pay your parking expenses directly each month.

·       The Commuter Check Card Prepaid MasterCard®: This pre-paid debit card solution offers the functionality of a voucher with the convenience of a reloadable, personalized, debit card for use at parking providers. No receipts are necessary and cards are loaded with the amount you specify each month and then used to pay for parking.

·       Commuter Check for Parking Vouchers: Order vouchers and specify the denomination you desire, make your vouchers payable to the parking provider of your choice and we will then send the vouchers to you and you can use these to pay for parking expenses

What does this mean for employees that are currently enrolled in the Ventra Benefit Program?

The last benefit month for the Ventra benefit program will be August 2017. Employees currently enrolled in the program will have to enroll with Commuter Benefit Solutions by August 5th, in order to receive a transit benefit for the month of September. Current Ventra benefits will not roll over to the new program.

Payroll Deductions

Payroll deductions for the program will take place on the last paycheck of the month, prior to benefit fulfillment. For example, you will see payroll deductions on the last paycheck in August for a September benefit.

Registration is Easy:

Registering and placing orders is easy. Follow these simple steps to get started.

Go to:   *

*Commuter Check Direct is designed towork with Microsoft Explorer Version 7.0 andabove

 From the main landing page, select New User Signup from the “Employee Login” area.

To register, you will need the following information:

Company ID:                             1541

First Name:

Last Name:

Zip Code:

All information must match your employer’s records at the time of eligibility; this information is used to authenticate you as a user in the system. So, if your employer’s records list you as James instead of Jim, you will want to enter James in the first name field. If you have any trouble with the process, please contact Customer Support at 888.235.9223.

Once you have entered this data, you will advance to another page where you are asked to enter your personal demographic information, set your password, and set your user name. Note that this is the information we will use to contact you and mail your orders. The system will send email reminders about your orders as well, so make sure to enter a valid email address.

Important Registration Tips:

Username:          Must consist of at least 6 characters (symbols are okay, spaces are not) Password:           Must consist of at least 6 characters

Once you have registered, you may place your order. Please note that transit pass items must be ordered separately. For example, if you choose to order a transit pass (such as Muni, or BART), and a Commuter Check for the balance of your order – each of these products must be ordered separately.

Your Commuter Benefit has some features you need to know about in order to take full advantage of the program:

·       The program is monthly program; log in and place an order to be fulfilled on a monthly basis. Orders must be entered no later than the 5th of the month for the following benefit period. For example, to receive an order for use in January, you must place your order on or before December 5th. Changes must be made online by the cut-off date of the 5th of the month.

·       Use the convenient recurring settings option to request your order be sent to you each month. Don’t worry; we’ll email you a reminder so remember to give us a valid email address when you register.

·       Pre-tax deductions are allowed up to the limit of $255 per month for transit and $255 per month for parking. You can, however, order products that total more than this limit.

·       No retroactive changes may be made.

·       You cannot receive cash back for the difference when redeeming Commuter Check vouchers for other products. Commuter Checks are good for fifteen months and will not be refunded, replaced or exchanged when lost, stolen, damaged or expired. Treat them like cash.

·       Commuter Check Direct will only refund one order per year in the event your order is not received. To apply for a refund, you must complete a claim form and submit a receipt for a transit pass or fare media product of equal or greater value than your order in the same benefit month.  If you find that you have problems with delivery of your products by USPS:

  • We recommend you order the Commuter Check Card for either transit or parking. This card is personalized and needs only to be delivered once; we’ll load your card electronically each month the amount you specify.
  • Check your mailing address!  From time to time, we get products returned in the mail for a better address. Log into your account and confirm your address is correct.

Contacting Customer Support

Customer Support is available to assist you with registration, placing an order or any other questions or concerns you may have. Our skilled representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time.  You can reach Customer Support as follows:

By Phone:            888.235.9223

By Email:   

If you have any questions or problems with registration or placing an order, please contact customer service at 888.235.9223.