Will we be able to use personalized lanyards (favorite team?)

Plain black lanyards are the only option. 

Yes, Phil is taking care of this and it will be updated early next week. 

Will the address on the UPS account update with or new address?  

No – Personal fans and Heaters are NOT Allowed in our New HQ – against Code.                                                                                                                                   

Can we bring personal fans & heaters to the new building?

No – All refrigerators will ONLY be in the Café/Lounge areas that we are providing for all employees.

Can we bring personal refrigerators to our offices/work areas in the new building?

We are working with outside companies to sell the furniture.

furniture - will there be any sale opportunities?

We are talking to Lakeshore Fitness to see if they will provide a Corporate Rate that we can extend to employees. We will update you shortly.

Are there any deals in the works for Lakeshore Fitness?

Parking can be a hassle and very expensive. We are excited to partner with Millennium Garages to offer our employees a discounted rate of $170 per month. You will have access Monday – Sunday (enter after 4am-exit by 8pm) at the Grant Park North Garage (25 N. Michigan Ave). The monthly rate comes out to be $5.67 per day to park downtown including weekends. This garage connects directly to the Pedway and gives employees access to the Prudential Plaza building. 

Interested in only driving a few days out of the month? Employees have the option to purchase a Daily Rate Card for $15.00 (for up to 12 hours of daily parking). The rate cards can also be used on the weekends.

These offers are exclusive to Wilson employees only. If you would like to take advantage of these offers, please complete the attached registration form and email it back to Aries Pickett at Aries.Pickett@wilson.com . If you would like to have the monthly parking set up effective January 1, 2018, please submit your form by December 13, 2017.

*Please note: These parking offers coincides with our pre-tax benefit program through Commuter Benefits Solutions.

Are there any negotiated parking rates for garages close to the Prudential building?

No. All of our phone numbers will remain the same.

Will our phone numbers change as we move to our new hq?


All shipments coming to our new Global Headquarters can begin arriving the week of December 4, 2017.

When can shipments be delivered at prudential plaza?


No. The IC will strictly be set up for R & D employees only.

Work Schedule/Flex Time

We understand the importance of a flexible work environment. And as we continue to prepare for our move to the city, we are working to ensure that we can offer Team Members some flexibility tailored to the various roles and responsibilities in the company, while balancing the needs of our consumers and our business.

Recently, we started a pilot program designed to help us take a look at how a Remote Working Arrangement could work for Team Members who need additional flexibility and their position allows for such an arrangement. This pilot program will end later this summer.  We’ll then take a look at how this program worked and what needs – from both a Team Member and a business standpoint – emerged so that we can better address flexibility needs.

As we complete this pilot program and its evaluation, we want to make sure everyone understands that a Remote Working Arrangement is a voluntary alternative, which may not be appropriate for every Team Member and every position. You are encouraged to have ongoing conversations with your manager and HR business partner about what flexibility you need prior to our move in December.

No. Wilson will not be subsidizing Divvy bikes.

Will wilson subsidize divvy bikes?


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