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Moving Company & Packing Specifics

The moving company we have hired is 3MD.  Now that we are 6 weeks away from our move it is time to talk about all the details.

3MD will be dropping off all moving crates, dolly’s and speed packs starting on Monday, November 13th so everyone can begin/continue the packing process.

Please take a few minutes to read through all of the Q&A below then click on the attachments below for specific details.    


How do I get the 3MD Moving supplies?

All 3MD moving crates/speed packs will be placed in the following locations per floor:

14:  Common Area (By Coffee)

W:   The Bleachers

12:  IT Side of Floor

11:  Common Area (By Coffee)

2:    Berwyn Basement


How many crates can each person fill for their desk? 

Each employee can fill a maximum of 3 yellow crates for your desk.  Our workstations are smaller so you have less space to fill so be mindful when packing. Our workstations are smaller so you have less space to fill. 

Please limit how many personal items you are bringing for your desk.  You can always add these in once we move in and you get your work station set up and you determine the amount of space you have available.


What happens if we run out of crates or speed packs?

Please call or send an email to Russ Bilbrey – (ext.6475) and we will bring more supplies to the appropriate floors.


Can we hang apparel on rolling racks?

Yes, you can hang apparel on rolling racks for the move.  Please be sure nothing is laying along the bottom bar of the rolling racks. 


What can go into Speed Packs?

You can place packed brown boxes (Not yellow crates) into speed packs. 

Please do not place product loose into the speed packs in case for any reason they get wet or fall out.  Everything should be packed into a box if possible before going into a speed pack.  


When will the labels be distributed to each employee and department?

We will be distributing all 3MD labels to each desk over the next 10 days as EVERY box, crate or speed pack will need to have a label or it will NOT be moved.

If you need more labels, please email Russ Bilbrey and we will bring more to you.


Can we pack product/supplies into brown boxes?

Yes, you can use brown boxes for packing items.  Once packed it MUST have a 3MD label on them with your name & department location so we know it needs to be moved.


What should I do with office supplies when packing up?

You should only pack the supplies you need at your desk when packing your items – such as pens, markers, paper clips, etc. 

We will have a centralized Shipping and Receiving area where we will provide ALL packing supplies:  Tape guns, tape, boxes, etc. so we do NOT want the redundancy in the space.

Should you have extra supplies – please send an email to and he will be gathering these items from you so we can use them in our new location. 


Once boxes, crates and speed packs are ready – where are they staged for the move?

Designate an area in your respective area to stage all items that are packed and labeled. 

You can leave your workstation crates right at your desk on the floor.   


Employee Guidelines for Moving - Click Here

Wilson - Speed Pack Instructions - Click Here


** Please submit any additional questions to the Wilson Join the Movement site and we will be checking this throughout the day to ease the process. **


Happy Packing!!!!