Wilson Weekly Social

We are excited to kick off our “Wilson Weekly Social” in our Café on Wednesday, January 9th from 4:00 – 5:30 pm.  This means – the kegs are open and ready for everyone to enjoy a drink together!

Going forward every Wednesday from 4-5:30 we will have the Wilson Social and encourage everyone to come together in the Café. 

** Note:  We know many of you will have requests to “Open” the taps earlier in the day, different days, etc., however, we ask that you all respect the policy we have put in place.  Thanks!  **


Guest Bathrooms

We have two guests bathrooms located on the 6th floor next to the Legacy Lounge where our guests wait and hang out.   We ask that NO employees use these restrooms at any time.  They are reserved Exclusively for guests.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Emergency Response Team

Over the next week we will be announcing the members of the Wilson Emergency Response Team.  These team members will be trained and responsible for helping all employees out in any emergency situations that may arise in our Global HQ.  It is very important that everyone know where the Exits are on our floors, people trained on Defibrillator Machines and the Go To team for any other emergencies we may have in our HQ.  Please stay tuned for the specific details.


Security Badge Policy/Issues

We have had a number of security badge issues and we have been resolving them as they have come to our attention.  Should you have any issues, please reach out to Julie Jasieniecki directly and she will assist.

Note the change of issuing Security Cards – Security cards are NO longer managed by the Wilson IT team.  These are distributed to Wilson from the building management company. 

For all New Employees – the HR Department will manage the process of getting new Employees Security cards.

For immediate needs/issues with security cards – please contact Julie Jasieniecki



When you know you have guests coming to visit in advance, we can provide their name at the security desk to avoid additional waiting time.

Please provide the guest name, date and time of their arrival to both Rose Hepburn & LaCretia Coleman. Please inform your guest that they will need to check in at the security desk and show a valid ID to receive their guest badge. They will then proceed to the 6th floor Concierge.


New HQ Questions

If you have any questions/comments about the New HQ – please continue to forward these questions to the link below.   We are looking at everything being submitted so I assure you we will review and respond.