For our Sneak Peek – We set up an Experience so everyone could see our New space in 4 key areas:   Floor Plans/Layouts, “Today vs Tomorrow”, Fly Thru Video and Workstations.  

If you didn’t have a chance to see this Live – no worries – we have all of the information added to our site so you can take your time to review on your own!

Click Here for Floor Plans – In our new HQ, we will be on the 6th and 5th Floor of the Prudential Building.  Our main Wilson entrance will be on Floor 6.  Please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the layout.

Click Here for “Today vs Tomorrow”– This is information is really helpful on comparing our space “Today” vs our space “Tomorrow”.

Fly Thru Video below –  Now that you have reviewed the Floor Plans – this “Fly Thru” video will help you virtually walk through our space and give you a good feel on the space.

See the slide show below of pictures of our Work Stations –  We had a pod of 4 workstations set up on the W Floor.  Here you will see the workstations we will have in our new HQ.  In these images you will see 2 different types of workstations – we will have both types throughout our space downtown. 

Thanks for taking the time to review.  Should you have any questions, please submit them on our site.