Empty crates & speed packs

It is VERY important that we all focus our efforts today on unpacking.  Once you empty your crates/speed packs please bring them to the following locations:

6th Floor –  (2 locations) – in the hallway by the Restrooms and in the GTM Area by the CHICAGO conference room.

5th Floor – By Coat Closet – Next to BULLS Conference Room and in the cove area in the main entrance of the 5th floor. 

***  We MUST empty out Crates and Speed Packs by EOD on Thursday, December 21st ***

Locked storage areas

All designated storage areas on your respective floors are UNLOCKED as you unpack and get settled.  (Except Lower Level storage)

All Storage keys have been given to the GM’s or Managers for your specific area.  Please see them for the keys and direction on how this will be handled. This includes Lower Level storage.

Please contact Russ, Julie or Molly to take you to Lower Level Storage, this includes; Baseball, Racquet Sports, Golf, Special Markets, Legal & Team Sports. 

lost & found

While you are unpacking and find items that are not yours and you don’t know what to do with them?  Please go to the FAQ section of Wilson Join the Movement site and submit your question and item(s) you have that need a home!  

computer & phone issues

Please send a note to our IT Department and they will address these issues directly to                 AM-IT@amersports.com


Dumpsters will be placed on the 6th and 5th floors for your convenience from December 18th to December 21st for unpacking all your items.  

slat wall hooks & shelves

We will be placing all hardware in the following areas: 

6th Floor: 

GTM - On the common work table outside the Chicago Conference Room

Golf, Baseball & Tennis - In Huddle Room 630 

5th Floor:

On the common work table outside of the photo studio