Thank you all for pushing so hard in unpacking your crates and speed packs.  Keep it up so we can be finished by the end of this week! 

As we continue to settle into our new space, please know we will be experiencing some kinks that we need to work through.  After receiving questions from employees, please find below some updated information. We encourage you to continue to send your questions to the site and we will post all information as quickly as possible.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation!



We are aware of some badges are not working at the elevators once you pass security – we are working on this, please continue to be patient.


If you have sent Julie the form, please rest assured you will have access to the gym.

We are aware some badges are still not working and are working with the building to have these corrected. If you have not sent the form in, you need to do so. 

If you signed up for a locker or laundry service – please call Erica at 312-565-6700 and she will be able to take your credit card information and add these services for you. 


If you have not had your picture taken for a security badge, please contact and she will send you a form to fill out and information on when you are able to take a picture.


Please contact

Privacy Screens – We appreciate the feedback, however, we will be working in the space for several weeks and then assess any additional needs for our work environment.   


If you are still missing bins, please send a note to and let her know.


Please click on to view instructions on your desk and chair.  The Herman Miller team is planning on being walking around our space tomorrow from 9am - 12pm to answer any questions.


If you are biking to work and would like to use the bike rack, please fill out this form and return back to Julie Jasieniecki


New HQ Conference Rooms added to Outlook. 

The reservation system for New HQ will be managed from Outlook as we have been doing.  All of the new conference rooms – that you can reserve – have been added to Outlook so you can begin to reserve rooms for meetings.

One note:   All Conference rooms will have a maximum booking lead time of 90 days. This will help us better manage and prevent people from reserving a room in a re-occurring meeting for months at a time.  This has been an issue in the past and we want to correct this for the future.

Please see below a screen shot of the new Conference rooms for Prudential in our system.  You can reserve ANY of them. 

new conference rooms.jpg


What do I do with my Computer, docking station, wires, etc.?

The moving company - 3MD – will be responsible for disconnecting your docking station, keyboard, mouse and cable for the docking station.  They will be putting these in a bag and moving them to your new desk.

We ask that you leave ONE PRINTED LABEL WITH YOUR NAME ON IT – on your desk so they can use this for the bag!  Thanks.

Distribution for New Global HQ Security Badges/Lanyards

We ask that EVERYONE please stop by the Concierge desk on the W Floor during the following times to pick up your New Security badge for the building.  We will ONLY give you your own badge so you must come up yourself for pick up. 

Wednesday, December 13th – 9am – 4pm

Thursday, December 14th – 9am – 3pm

How do I get my New security badge if I’m not in the office on the 13th or 14th?

If you are NOT in the office on December 13th or December 14th please send an email to and with the dates you will be returning to the office.  We will then have them set up at the reception desk in our NEW HQ for you.  

What time can we access the New HQ on Monday, December 18th? 

All employees will have access to the building starting at 7AM on December 18th.  We will NOT be letting anyone in earlier - So please plan accordingly. 

What do we do with our current 8750 security badges before we leave?

On your last day in the office, please bring your security badge to the Concierge desk and drop it into the box on the desk – marked – “Old Security Badge”.  Please remember to do this so we can return these cards. 

Additional Health Club Options in the Neighborhood

Lake Shore Sport & Fitness Club

We have had many people inquire on Lake Shore Sport & Fitness Club located next door to our new HQ.  Please click on this flyer to learn more about LSF and their facility.  They will be hosting an Open House for Wilson Employees to visit the Club on January 11th from 5:30 – 7pm.  This will give you an opportunity to do a site check for yourself to see if it is of interest to you.  LSF is also offering a Free Two Week trial for anyone interested.  If this is of interest to you, please reach out to them directly to the email address they have provided.    

The Corporate Rate for membership at LSF is $104.00 per month.  This cost would be an employee cost as Wilson is already providing FREE memberships to the health club in the Prudential Building and this is not transferable.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield

If you have Wilson Blue Cross/Blue Shield Illinois Insurance – please check your benefits out. They have health clubs in their network where you can join at a reduced rate in case you are looking at additional options.  This could be around your home or you can check for clubs downtown near our new HQ to see if that may be an option for you as well. You can search zip codes by using your BCBSIL Blue Access for members login at this link. This cost would be an employee cost as Wilson is already providing FREE memberships to the health club in the Prudential Building and this is not transferable.

Health Club

Wilson is giving all employees the opportunity to join the Health Club at Prudential for FREE.  Wilson will be picking up the tab for all of us!

If you are interested in joining the Health Club at the Prudential Center – please complete the form attached (click here for form) and return to Julie Jasieniecki by November 15th so we can code your security badge prior to move-in. 

A couple of things to note on the form: 

You do NOT need to pay any fees.

Please don't forget to add your Key Card #



Transportation from Ogilvie Transportation Center, Union Station and LaSalle Street Station is available for morning and evening routes. Click here for more detailed information on bus shuttles.


You can begin to purchase shuttle bus passes, please go to:

Select your ticket quantity.  They can be purchased in units of 10-rides,  or units of 40-rides. 

You can download the ePermit to a phone, or print it out and use the paper copy. 

One permit can be used either 10 or 40 times depending on the ticket purchased.



Pickup and Dropoff is at the Prudential Plaza Randolph Street Entrance.