work environment

new office services procedures

  • Mail: envelopes, letters, papers will be delivered to your desk.
  • All other packages/boxes of any kind will be placed into the shipping and receiving area on your designated floor (5th or 6th Floor) for YOU to pick up.
  • How will this work?
    • Once boxes have been received the facilities team will be sending out an email notifying you that you have received a package.                                                
    • NO PACKAGES will be delivered to your desk by the facilities team.
  • How will we ship packages out?
    • You will take your items to the Shipping/Receiving areas to pack and ship your boxes. These areas will be set up with all the packaging supplies and computers to make your shipping labels.


  • The loading dock is located on the lower level of Prudential Plaza. The facilities team will manage all shipments coming in or leaving the dock. We have a designated freight elevator going to the dock within the facilities department.


planning for our new work environment

Personal items on desks

  • With the reduced size workstations, your desk area is a premium. Any personal items should be considered "after" we move in and determine how much space you have on your work surface.

dress code

  • The dress code will remain as it is today.

Mother's Room

  • The Mother's Room is located on the 6th Floor.

coat closets

  • We will have coat closets on both the 5th and 6th floor.

Meeting Room Reservations

  • We will have a new meeting room system to reserve all showroom and large conference rooms. 
  • We will also have additional meeting rooms that will be on a "first come, first serve" basis throughout the entire space and we will be communicating the policies and procedures.


prudential building 

Building security

Safety and security is the number one priority for all employees. Wilson employees will receive a security pass to access the elevators to our space. All Wilson guests will have 2 check-points.

  • wilson Security Cards

    • All employees will receive a security card with your photo on it. Each employee will swipe the security card at elevator security for access. 

  • wilson Guest Arrival

    • Wilson guests will have to check-in at the building security desk on the 2nd floor. After they check-in they will then be let up to our main entrance on the 6th floor to check-in with our Concierge. This is an additional security measure in place for all employees and everyone in the building.


prudential building amenities

  • Health club 11th floor

    • Wilson will provide all employees with a "FREE" Prudential health club membership.

    • If you are interested in joining a health club with a pool, basketball court and other amenities, please look into Lake Shore Sport & Fitness on Stetson Street that is behind Prudential Plaza. Employees are responsible to pay this membership. 


  • 11th floor club house

    • The 11th floor is a common area for all building tenants with wi-fi available. This area is open during the day for your use - unless closed for Private Functions.


  • Roof deck

    • Wi-fi is available.
    • Hours are seasonal and dependent on weather. All building employees have access to this space except when closed for Private Functions.